How to match wedding shoes and wedding dresses?

Orthodox wedding shoes with wedding shoes. If the bride is wearing an orthodox wedding dress, the style of the shoes matching this type of wedding dress is relatively simple. Changsha Luomen wedding photography believes that the color is white, silver is better, the closer the wedding dress is white or beige, the more it fits with the wedding dress, it will not appear in the dark style shoes that appear dissonant when walking. .
Flower dress with wedding shoes. The bride's styling pays attention to the overall feeling. If flowers appear on the dress and appear in the wedding shoes, they will have the effect of echoing each other. The shoes with the pattern of flowers can be the same flower series or monochrome shoes with color on the dress.
Cheongsam with wedding shoes. Select wedding shoes combined wedding style, if the bride is wearing a cheongsam, then the shoes with the need to pay attention to color, if it is or the style of trailing, in the choice of shoes try to avoid positive red can choose slightly more than red The light red line gives a visual hierarchy.
The prospective brides watched the explanations brought by the Changsha Luomen wedding photography. We know that the choice of wedding shoes is very important. When we choose wedding shoes, we must follow the bride's taste, and we must judge according to the bride's figure and appearance characteristics. What kind of wedding shoes for your own, this wedding photography is unique.

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White wedding dress beautiful bride!

1. White tube top fish tail style Smooth satin with a multi-layered veil that creates a fishtail skirt reveals the perfect curves of women. It looks very beautiful and moving. A silver-gray ribbon at the waist highlights the bride's perfect posture. At the same time, it becomes the crowning touch to the entire wedding dress, making the bride look like a mermaid. 2. White perspective style A wedding dress with a sense of perspective is the hottest wedding design this year, adding a touch of sensuality and femininity to the bride. The romantic lace and silver elements fall on a white wedding dress in a starry sky, showing elegance and elegance. Layers of veil folded and staggered, forming a long skirt, seems to show the bride's happiness and sweetness, it looks very moving. 3. Pure white lace style Lace is a decorative element that women love most. Lace's wedding dress is not only very romantic, but also very feminine. Bra style and landing dress, looks very fairy. Layers of lace skirts like flowers in the pure white wedding dress quietly bloom, the bride will be more beautiful and moving, this wedding will certainly be a romantic bride's favorite. 4. Light white oblique shoulders Oblique style wedding dress has an alternative sexy and aesthetic, like the ancient Greek goddess is generally admiring. With the popular perspective elements, the bride will be more beautiful and natural. A blossoming flower adorns beautiful wedding dresses, revealing feminine femininity. No matter what kind of wedding dress this wedding dress wears, it can make the bride become the most beautiful actress and show a happy taste. Read more at: wedding dresses | wedding dresses online


White gives a pure natural feeling

The scorching summer has long been quietly coming to everyone's side. Then how can the girls be able to streaking in temperament and be refreshed without being contemptuous? Today I will introduce you to a summer outfit. Skin rules!
Usually in the hot summer season, the bare legs are standard for both the tall and short-skinned girls. However, because they are too common, the sexiness is relatively low, but this can be even more youthful and lively. However, summer has already arrived, and there is no single long-sweet dress that will eclipse the entire summer!
Long skirts can be divided into many different types. For example, this dress skirt on a model can make it easy for you to handle various occasions such as annual meetings, appointments, workplaces, and shopping.
Its elegant waist design makes it easy to outline your curves. It perfectly highlights the golden ratio. With the flounced elements of the skirt, you can increase the waistline and make you feel sexy and charming.
The elegant sling design allows you to be full of feminine, full of small sexy, and the design of the V-neck can reveal your charming and refined collarbone, which is more of a woman's charisma. I believe we have this dress skirt to do the lining, No matter what kind of venue you are attending, you will be more elegant, confident, and generous.
In the end, I hope everyone can still reveal their own little sexyness in the magical summer and let your heart fall into love with you!

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What kind of accessories for white wedding dress selection


 What is the happiest moment to wear white yarn and the favorite person? How should the white wedding dress match the accessories?
1. White wedding dresses are suitable for putting on high-heeled high-heeled shoes. Although China emphasizes redness on behalf of celebrations, it does not match with white wedding dresses. Therefore, the most white-yellow shoes should be silver and high-heeled shoes.

2. The choice of underwear. White wedding dress in the choice of underwear also have to choose according to their choice of wedding dress style, generally in the choice of underwear when the color should choose the flesh or light-colored, so as to avoid inconsistent situations.

3. Beautiful hand holding flowers. There are still many types of flowers in hand, such as spheres, half moons, hemispheres, waterfalls, and so on. When the bride chooses a bouquet, the color is preferably pink, white and champagne.

4. Wear the necklace. The necklace is worn according to the style of the bride's choice of white gauze, too fancy white gauze style is not suitable for wearing a necklace.

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