Bride pure white wedding classic interpretation

The white wedding dress is simple, generous, and natural. It will never be eliminated. No matter how you take a wedding photo, almost every bride will choose a white wedding dress. The classic beauty of a pure white wedding dress dates back to the moment when Queen Elizabeth wore a white wedding dress for the first time. It is also because of its traditions and classics that in seeking new ideas and seeking alternative young brides, it seems to lack new ideas and slightly stick to stereotypes.

Wen Hao ladies beige wedding dress

Regardless of the bride of the East or West, the classic bride temperament created by the subtle and sweet image has always been the most respected mainstream. Delicate and lightweight rice white gauze, dexterous and delicate wrinkles, just the right strap design, not only looks dignified, stable, internal show, but also show the bride a beautiful shoulder, neck, back curve. Coupled with the classic princess-style plate hair and light-colored ball-shaped bouquet, it successfully created an impeccable perfect bride.

Gorgeous palace retro rice white wedding dress

The beige color is recognized as a warm and subtle color, but as the main color, the beige color can be freely combined with various colors and materials to create a different style of wedding dress. Bright yellow, bright yellow, bright golden, mellow white, beige or flesh-pink pearls, gold, tinsel... soft beige, with retro palace elements can show noble and graceful Temperament, like the fairy tale Cinderella put on crystal shoes, instantly bright and moving.

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Holy spirit white wedding dress civilization

White wedding dress, is the most important of a local ancient civilization in the wedding, any country, in addition to save his native wedding dresses, more and more new choice white wedding dress, white dress. White wedding dress has become the most exemplary representative of wedding dress, women have had the illusion of wearing white gauze dress since childhood. Her history seems thick deposition time, is really nothing more than one hundred and sixty years of history since the Roman period beginning, white is a symbol of celebration, but before the end of the 19th century, women do not specific wedding dress, just in the wedding day wear yourself is the most beautiful clothes. Until queen Victoria wore the first white wedding dress in history, women around the world changed their wedding fortunes. Until then, the royal staff had always been dressed in lavish wedding gowns, with a jewel crown, evening gowns studded with jewels and silver, and fur coats. In 1840, queen Victoria gave up her traditional luxurious look and dressed in a handsome satin gown, complete with an orange veil. Between 1850 and 1900, white was also a symbol of abundance. Since then, the royal family and the upper class bride have followed suit. By the beginning of the 20th century, white meant more than anything else. Therefore, white is usually the first choice color of the wedding dress, and it symbolizes the beauty and sanctity of the bride. White wedding dress be the first choice of the bride's wedding dress, but in different countries have different culture in the United States a lot of space in the traditional wedding, the bride's wedding dress have a special request, there must be new, old, borrowed and blue four characteristics. The so-called new, is that the bride's white wedding dress must be new. Marked the beginning of a new career; The so-called old, it is the white gauze that the bride wears on the head must be old. And is the old gauze that the mother used, show never forgot the grace of the parents; Borrowing means that the white handkerchief in the bride's hand must be borrowed from her girlfriend. As for blue, the ribbon must be blue, symbolizing the bride's devotion to love.

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Why is the wedding dress white?

Why is a wedding dress white? It is like why Chinese weddings are married like red wedding dresses. It is a Western tradition to wear a wedding dress when you are married. Wearing a wedding dress when you are married means that the bride is holy and innocent. It also means that the future will be bright and flat. In China, Lily is a symbol of lilies. For a hundred years, the bride wearing a wedding dress is like a lily fairy, white and pure.

In modern wedding culture, the white wedding dress has become the most crucial part. No matter which country, in addition to the traditional wedding etiquette of the nation, new people have chosen white wedding dresses. Every girl has a dream since childhood: When can I also wear that beautiful white wedding dress? Why is the wedding dress white? This goes back to Roman times, when white symbolizes celebration, and after the 19th century, The day when Queen Victoria of England was married, she wore the first white wedding dress in history. Since then, women have been married to wear white wedding dresses. Before this, the wedding dress worn by the British royal family was an evening gown full of jewelry and silver ornaments, plus a fur coat.

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Bride-to-be buy wedding dress details

The bride-to-be buys the wedding dress, the wedding, is a life feast, is another door to happiness. Nowadays, more and more maverick new couples have got rid of the shackles of traditional wedding ceremony. In the most grand ceremony of life, they show their unique creativity.

Bride-to-be buy wedding dress details

1. Hand sew the wedding dress

Can buy the marriage gauze in marriage gauze store directly the marriage gauze of a basic design, sew personally with mother next go up adornment, this can save a little money perhaps, but meaning is extraordinary however.

Figure out prices in advance

It's best to be patient about the level of consumption and prices at the wedding venue, so you don't have to be confused when buying clothes and accessories to get a grip on prices.

Nostalgia. If you're a bit nostalgic, you don't have to go out of your way to make your old look, and consider getting your mother's or grandma's dress.

Think small

If you feel that a once in a lifetime wedding has to be embellished with some luxury goods, rent it. It doesn't have to be a luxury item, though. Fancy, well-made gadgets such as gloves, shawls or purses are a good choice.

Give one more for rent

Talk to the clothing store where the groomsmen are renting their dresses, and have them offer another suit for free as a concession, so the groom's dress is easily sewn.

5. Smart talk about giving gifts

If you've decided on a wedding dress and chosen a dress at the same wedding dress store, ask the owner to give you a bridal handbag, pair of shoes or accessories.

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How to choose a wedding photography agency

How to choose a wedding photography agency? Couples who want to get married want to take a beautiful wedding photo shoot, but don't know how to choose it.

How to choose your own creative style

This depends on whether the photographer can make adjustments according to the specific situation of the new photographer, and design a set of photography program suitable for a specific new photographer. The new photographer can discuss this problem with the photographer before shooting, and see what he has opinions. Generally, experienced photographers will have a clear idea of the whole photography process. Based on what he knows about the new couple, he will first determine the subject, whether it is small, sweet, elegant, romantic, refreshing,... Make full communication with the photographer, and make sure you are confident, so that you can guarantee the most beautiful effect of your wedding photos.

How to choose a wedding photography agency 2: classic photos supporting the theme

Once the theme is identified, there is a focus, but the focus is on the classic photos that support the theme. A scenic spot or gesture may take a lot of photos, but the key is to see if there is a classic picture of the happy moment, so that the happiness of the two people in the moment. This kind of photograph just has treasure meaning, deeply fondly fondly remember, experience is new.

How to choose the quality of a wedding photographer

The so-called shooting standard is actually the photographer's ability to capture the picture, including whether it can lead the couple to show their natural feelings, pose for some more innovative wedding photos, and better coordinate the background of the picture The couple can check the effects of the photos in time to find out whether they meet their own needs, and can communicate with the photographer to describe the feelings and effects you want to take.

How to choose wedding photography agency 4: wedding photography equipment

Inspection photographic equipment camera is not a first-class brand, photographic equipment is not clean, site layout is not comprehensive...... These few general places of wedding dress photography all have, basically do not have a problem.

Of course, it's best to have particularly good machines, because the slightly better SLRS are now in the public family. And the camera lens and camera configuration is one of the important reference factors.

How to choose wedding photography agency 5: post-production effect

This is an important step in the process. Repairing photos can apply some photo beautification measures, and more often, you can see the photos in the later period through software and art processing. The style of photo album can choose the mode that oneself likes, enlarge a product likewise.

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How do couples choose the three major disciplines to know about wedding groomsmen

Be careful and don't be careless in choosing a best man. Your college buddy, brother, cousin, or even a schoolmate you haven't seen in years may be vying to be the best man, but whoever the best man is should at least know something about bridesmaids.

The best man and the maid of honor are to be counted

There is no special limit to the number of groomsmen, and it is customary to keep the bridesmaids and groomsmen in line, even though it is entirely up to you and your means. If you want to have fewer groomsmen but you don't want to offend your friends or male relatives, you can ask them to be the usher, and they can do the same for the guests in their plain gowns. That way, you can avoid offending anyone and avoid a bad reputation for entertaining.

Brothers and sisters can do it

The choice of the best man is not a matter for you alone. Your bride may have intended her favorite brother to be the best man long ago. Conversely, if you want your closest sister to be a bridesmaid, the bride will agree. There is no need to follow tradition on this issue, and if you two are open minded enough, your sister can be on your side as the traditional best man, and the bride's brother can be by her side.

The person responsible is appropriate

Who do you think? The best man should have a little taste, because he will make a toast at the wedding banquet, of course, you don't want him to say inappropriate words, he also should have the sense of responsibility, because he will save the groom to the bride's ring, in addition, the most important thing is he must be very humorous, because the groom's bachelor party before marriage is the best man. Choose an activist in your life as best man, and it's too late to find out until the night before your wedding that you don't actually have much in common with your groomsman. What you need at this point is not nervousness, but a reassuring best man before, during and after the wedding. Keep this in mind and you won't be wrong about choosing someone who forgets to wear a ring, gets drunk on a wedding or puts his mind elsewhere as best man.

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Different wedding styles take different wedding photos

Summary of different wedding style wedding photos. The bride that everybody plans to undertake xiamen marriage gauze photography, whether still is in for how to choose to suit marriage gauze and feel headache? Don't worry, let's take a look at the different types of wedding dresses each bride can choose.

The wedding dress that art type bride chooses: artistic bridal usually what matter pursues artistic style white bridal makeup modelling to introduce, have savour bridal film building very, the style is unique. With a strong sense of art, the new couple is suitable for wearing short ballet skirt with metallic sequins or feather decoration, etc., for wedding photography in xiamen. To show their artistic temperament.

The wedding dress that recreational type bride chooses: actually also have a lot of bride do not like too formal marriage gauze, do not like overmuch tie; More inclined to casual clothing, give themselves a little free space. This kind of bride can also wear some real silk kind princess shape, ball skirt and so on. It's comfortable to do this without feeling too restrictive.

The wedding dress that elegant bride chooses: elegant bride is normally in any circumstance all very calm, bearing natural and graceful, very quietly elegant, do not lose do not lose grace and nobility. This kind of bride suits to wear princess style, queen style or straight skirt's wedding dress photography studio, if deserve to go up silk silks and satins, temperament shows more incisively and vividly.

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Make bridal makeup permanent and hard to take off

Spend a morning meticulously painted makeup less than half a day on the mottled miserable, it is a very unpleasant thing! At this time the bride repair makeup method is very important, what kind of makeup method can make the bride makeup lasting not easy to take off makeup? Gulangyu wedding photography in xiamen, the small make up for everyone to share!

1. Use blush to reshape the facial contour

Want to let oneself bright beautiful rise only simple complement bottom makeup is far from enough of course, still complement cheek is red so just unapt make makeup look appears pale and feeble. Because it is complement cheek is red, so want to use cheek red brush to touch on a few cheek is red gently sweep in apple muscle place can.

The cheek red that chooses when filling makeup had better be color difference do not want too big, with color than original cheek is red slightly weak optimal. Notice to fill when cheek is red must be brushed from apple muscle to inclined upper part, strength decreases gradually by slight weight, such can make the outline feeling not only, and makeup look can be very natural.

2. Grease, sweat stain and residue are swept away

If you don't want to take off your makeup quickly after makeup, be sure to clean the oil, sweat and residue before applying makeup. Use a paper towel to gently press on the face and press on the forehead, nose and mouth. Houseboat marriage gauze can avoid to be wiped so after appear make up is not even phenomenon. Then the oil blotting paper comes on, the same process, using the oil blotting paper to take away the facial grease and take off the makeup and powder.

If you don't have an oil absorbent paper, you can also use a regular facial tissue + moisturizing spray should be emergency, but the operation will be a bit of trouble, the paper towel affixed to the face, and then spray the moisturizing spray on the paper towel, the amount of spray slightly wet the paper towel, and then gently press with both hands to evenly. Key areas such as T area, forehead, chin moderately increase strength. Note that the paper towel must cover the entire face, or it will fall short if it is sprayed directly on the face.

3. Greasy hair

The fastest and most effective method of saving hair is to mix the hair conditioner with water in a ratio of 3:7 and spray it on the hair. If time is insufficient, you also can wipe out redundant hairstyle product with wet paper towel, or comb the hair with the comb that has touched water to arrange the hair after the whole hair is tied high into horsetail. The hair comb that touches water can go toward to remove redundant makeup product from certain level.

4. Eyeliner makeup

The line that draws with common eyeliner, also can follow when the skin begins to take off makeup dizzy leave, touch even on upper eyelid, let eye ministry line become dirty and hazy. At this point, you should dip a cotton swab into the eye to take out the special makeup oil from the outer inside will be dizzy to open the eyeliner wipe, wipe dirty cotton swab to want to discard immediately, lest dirty to other positions;

Then, it is essential to repair eye makeup with a delicate powder cake and keep the skin color even and consistent. Also, if the eyeshadow has been removed, reapply it to keep the overall tone fresh. Finally, use deeper brown eye shadow to be in eyelash root fine ground faint open an eyelash line, not only make eye ministry administrative levels feels more outstanding, still avoided again the danger that takes off makeup.

Permanent lip makeup

Of course, if your lip makeup is still good, simply use foundation or eyeliner to slightly cover the original color. Underwater wedding photography and then color your lips. After finishing the color, gently squeeze the tissue paper with your lips.

Reaccentuating lipstick is also a key point of make-up. You should use lipstick a little bit deeper than before, because the lip contour has been damaged and extended. Therefore, you should cover and make up with a little deeper lipstick.

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How to choose wedding dress suit oneself

Many new couples have no certain concept of wedding dress, and what kind of wedding dress to wear on the occasion is also relatively vague. When choosing the basic wedding dress dress, the new couple must know his several major types, so that you can easily pick the wedding dress, to avoid the unreasonable occasion. The marriage gauze dress of various style on market is basic money makes each bride-to-be dazzled certainly, for do not have method to choose to suit oneself marriage gauze to have a headache? With xiamen wedding dress according to the editor to recognize the style of wedding dress!

For did not pick for oneself wedding dress headache

1. A word

The a-line wedding dress, with smooth lines and classic style, is suitable for A variety of occasions, such as quiet garden party, traditional church ceremony and so on. It is suitable for brides of all shapes and sizes, especially for those who are short and tall. The dress can be long or short, and if the bride is petite and cute, it will be over the knee. For more formal occasions, floor length skirts are more appropriate.

In addition, A simple a-line dress can be made to look more luxurious and fashionable by pairing it with small pieces such as lace, beads and ribbons. Xiamen which wedding dress photography well

2. Type the queen

Queen wedding dress is very elegant, design point is centered in the bosom, from the bosom is down naturally to the ground below, loose and comfortable. Like the a-line, the queen style is adaptable to all kinds of situations. In terms of body shape, it is more suitable for long and short legs, pear shape or pregnant bride.

The most magical place of queen's marriage gauze depends on to bosom model, no matter be small or too plump bosom can be in its deck below, obtain the perfect result on the vision. On the one hand, it can focus all its attention on the neckline, using the endless sleeves or beads to highlight the curve of the chest and neck to create a sense of fullness. On the other hand, if your bust size is too large for your overall aesthetic, choosing a traditional square queen dress can make up for that.

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How to choose wedding dress suit oneself

Many new couples have no certain concept of wedding dress, and what kind of wedding dress to wear on the occasion is also relatively vague. When choosing the basic wedding dress dress, the new couple must know his several major types, so that you can easily pick the wedding dress, to avoid the unreasonable occasion. The marriage gauze dress of various style on market is basic money makes each bride-to-be dazzled certainly, for do not have method to choose to suit oneself marriage gauze to have a headache? With xiamen wedding dress according to the editor to recognize the style of wedding dress!

For did not pick for oneself wedding dress headache

1. A word

The a-line wedding dress, with smooth lines and classic style, is suitable for A variety of occasions, such as quiet garden party, traditional church ceremony and so on. It is suitable for brides of all shapes and sizes, especially for those who are short and tall. The dress can be long or short, and if the bride is petite and cute, it will be over the knee. For more formal occasions, floor length skirts are more appropriate.

In addition, A simple a-line dress can be made to look more luxurious and fashionable by pairing it with small pieces such as lace, beads and ribbons. Xiamen which wedding dress photography well

2. Type the queen

Queen wedding dress is very elegant, design point is centered in the bosom, from the bosom is down naturally to the ground below, loose and comfortable. Like the a-line, the queen style is adaptable to all kinds of situations. In terms of body shape, it is more suitable for long and short legs, pear shape or pregnant bride.

The most magical place of queen's marriage gauze depends on to bosom model, no matter be small or too plump bosom can be in its deck below, obtain the perfect result on the vision. On the one hand, it can focus all its attention on the neckline, using the endless sleeves or beads to highlight the curve of the chest and neck to create a sense of fullness. On the other hand, if your bust size is too large for your overall aesthetic, choosing a traditional square queen dress can make up for that.

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Seaside wedding photos pose

Savage girlfriend type

Influenced by the Korean wave of a savage girlfriend, the woman usually ACTS as an image of her mouth and feet, while the man shows his wife's words by exaggerated facial expressions or obscene gestures, and dare not to dare to resist the pathetic figure.

2. Opposite expression

Couples stand up to each other, gaze at each other, and show affection. The key is to make sure your eyes are not too stiff, showing off both sides without being too pretentious. It's better to be electrified at first sight.

3. Look forward to the future

Couples stand in the same direction, often adopt side posture, staring at the front, this method can change the Angle, showing the new couple the most beautiful side, and two contain promising profound meaning.

4. Buck-kissing

Most groom side up kiss the bride on the cheek. Of course, a kiss is just a gesture, and the more advanced will separate the couple slightly, creating a dynamic beauty.

5. The bird is human

The body of the bride leans on the groom, on the shoulder or on the arm, showing the bride's femininity and the groom's sense of responsibility. Of course, the bride's happiness is most important.

Seaside wedding photo posture 6, nostalgic style

The bride and groom dress in ancient costume, usually the bride's qipao and groom's tang suit or both gowns. Props commonly used folding fan, brush, binding books, ancient Musical Instruments, and so on, the groom usually natural and unrestrained childe dress, in one side stand to watch the bride write or fondle, and often accompany with a frivolous look.

7. Leaning

This expression is most commonly used. Sitting or standing; The pose is not difficult and easy to make, as long as two people open their mouth to smile can be, this posture overall performance feeling dignified and generous, the husband and wife depend on each other but not intimate, such as dragonfly water, very with the eastern charm.

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Girls want to wear the most beautiful wedding dress in the best time

Like can be touched, and love will be heartache like can be willing, but love must be reluctant to like a person, winter is just winter, but is just a bit more beautiful, but love a person, winter can become spring.

The time of predestination, it is all sorts of mix and match the person that you think suits oneself, can break up instead eventually and the person that you think completely does not match, on the contrary can lead a lifetime.

Because relationships are never meant to be, they're meant to be, and the more they're meant to be, the more they're meant to be. Being able to fall in love is the most appropriate.

Everyone has a lot of shortcomings, if you are lucky, you will still find someone who loves you, wedding photography he not only inclusive you, he even heartache you those shortcomings, fear that you will suffer from it, all your bad, did not reduce his love to you, love has so stupid, as long as has been silly in the end.

When you love someone, you will cry with her. Like has nothing to do with responsibility, but love must be responsible for two people working toward the same direction, is the best love, is the happiness we want.

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Rain wedding photos to take a romantic aesthetic

No one wants to have a rainy day, and no one will choose a rainy day for a wedding photo shoot.

With the increasing innovation of wedding photography style, various wedding photos make people overwhelmed. Yujing wedding photos with its unique sentiment and romance, by many new people after the 80s love. So how to shoot a romantic and beautiful rain wedding photos?

1. Use shallow depth of field to emphasize emotional exchange

Wedding photos with rain scenes can create a sense of film, while recording the emotional communication of the characters is crucial. For the wedding photos with rain scenes, large aperture and long focal distance can create the effect of deep field. The human emotional expression will also add color to the rain scenes, making the scenes in the rain filled with dramatic atmosphere and romantic atmosphere. And this atmosphere can leave the deepest impression. When you return to this image years later, the romance of the time will still touch your heart.

Choose proper shutter speed

In rainy days, the brightness is usually relatively weak. Therefore, it takes a larger aperture and a slower shutter speed to take wedding photos of rain scenes. Only in this way can rain scenes have sufficient light sensitivity. If you shoot with a higher shutter speed, the raindrops will become shorter, forming the effect of raindrops, making the dynamic scene momentarily static. Slower shutter speeds give longer wisps, and the dynamics of a single scene may not be clear enough.

3. Make full use of elements of rain scene to organize pictures

Rainy days are a common scene in people's life, and the scenery of rainy days also has a unique emotional appeal. In order to reflect the life scene of rainy days more truly, we can make full use of rain scene elements to stop the picture. Such as the wet ground, colorful lights, umbrella-holding pedestrians, characters and shop signs of reflection, and so on, these vivid scenes will make the wedding photos with new ideas and interest, making the picture more fresh.

4. Use contrast skillfully to simplify complicated things

In order to show the rain that has not fallen to the ground, to better grasp the dynamics of the rain, the photographer should stand in a higher position to take pictures. Use the repeated elements to compose the picture, and properly use the contrast relation to highlight the theme of the picture and enhance the interest of the picture. For example, when the street is crowded, you can choose to make the moving direction of the subject of the shooting opposite to that of the crowd, so as to blur the crowd background and highlight the subject, which can create a kind of hazy dynamic beauty.

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How do the wedding decorations go together

Wedding tie-ins are probably based on our favorite styles, so you know how to make them more reasonable. Actually whole adornment is to have exquisite, that comes to listen to dalian marriage gauze photography small make up to introduce the adornment in wedding how to match.

1. The decoration style should be appropriate to the wedding location

Whether you're looking forward to a romantic, stylish bride or a return to the natural pastel look of the bride, the location of the wedding will affect the tone of the wedding. For example, a pure white wedding reception on a quaint estate is the perfect choice, while the wood-walled ballroom can evoke memories of the 1820s for all.

Create a natural and harmonious atmosphere

Many brides are afraid of the word "theme," but we prefer to think of it as a style presentation, and the decorative effect of reusing a design element is impressive. Instead of being limited to Chinese dishes and horse lamps, a theme can be extended indefinitely, mixing different colors at will like a palette, and integrating the whole scene naturally. This also allows you to focus on your design without being disorganized.

The floor under your feet is no less important

Don't let a brown shag rug spoil your elaborate wedding photo shoot in dalian. Dalian wedding photography which good idea USES a ground to clean sheet to build that part up, perhaps change the high quality carpet that can rent, woodiness floor is also good choice.

Don't ignore the ceiling overhead

Don't want an ugly ceiling? Then cover it. Try hanging small white lights and sagging hothouse plants, or simply cover with a color-coordinated cloth. Or consider renting some chandeliers to divert attention and add sparkle to the room.

Make everyone look great

Using light subtly can have unexpected dramatic effect. Hire a lighting engineer on your wedding day, who will try to highlight things you want your guests to focus on (like a cake table, not the floor). Trust us, it's worth it. Changes in light intensity can create a more comfortable and soft atmosphere. Imagine cheung manyu's graceful figure under the lamp.

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Marry by coincidence: see a move open a move

Marry by coincidence: see a move open a move

How to customize a wedding that is economical and inexpensive? This but door big night knowledge, the bridegroom bride besides oneself ground actual examination, should draw lessons from the experience of experienced land! Here's a look at the wedding booking process. How to customize an economical and inexpensive wedding? This but door big night knowledge, the bridegroom bride besides oneself ground actual examination, should draw lessons from the experience of experienced land! Here's a look at the wedding booking process. Wine is one of the main characters of the wedding, and food is the soul of the place. Many brides and grooms ordered food a year ago, only to find it more expensive by the time they paid the bill. How to choose the right dishes is often a difficult point in preparing for a banquet. Value is also a factor in this, including a lot of invisible needs to be considered. List vegetable ingredients, such as fish, shark fin weight, number, etc.2. When choosing a dish, you should try it. Besides taste, you can also know its food level. When ordering a banquet, check whether the proposed menu price will be increased, and if so, what the margin will be. Specify miscellaneous charges, including tea, soft drinks, beer and bottle opening fees. In case of a reservation, the name of the premises agreed to by the parties shall be listed on the order to avoid future dispute.

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What tableware should a shiny wedding use to light up a cocktail

What tableware should a shiny wedding use to light up a cocktail

Takeaway: cocktail to coktail mean, as the saying goes "historic origin a guess of the eve of the", and repeats the words also turned the differences in history, cocktail is a kind of with several kinds of wine and fruit juice, wine in nasal essence and confusion, let modulation when drinking. Many times wedding should use what tableware a shining light cocktail, according to gusu wedding hotel cocktail with a legend, cockfighting prevailed to hour before, after the people to compete for feather left up to the cock clink celebrate, every one of them and paint the town red! Cocktails and points it strange name, is like a gin and tonic or vodka martini, bloody Mary, rum and coke, Margaret, screw drill, begot GuoDe its, phuong plant sent, the wall to Harvey and so on. It material with different configuration, can perhaps conjured the variety of colors, a variety of mouth stomach. Today is also used in the wedding banquet. So, cocktails and become a wedding banquet shangdi the other a main course, and made people feel mouth cocktail and this is where the dinnerware to light up? A full cocktail set with nostalgic colors, along with a sexy spritz of penang coolers and nonskid trays, will bring guests to a fancy cocktail wedding. Crystal glass to chicken, for example, tail Shang and nickel martini pot pot lid, clothed with marked attention to color, dark look imitation leather stainless steel cocktail the blender, measuring cup and stir bar bartender to create colorful nectar to professional equipment for the wedding. Again, such as, the dynamic model to the metal barrel with ceramic perfect joint in all the way, the nasal spray sweet nectar place oneself in which, in the land of ice flocking, bathing the cool taste, surrounding ground tableware also in reflected off unique artistic aesthetic feeling to the image on the side of the metal; Giant fruit tray manipulation model, deduce lines to charm, simple and air out the reality of the eve of the function. Otherwise the ceramic tray set up anti-skid intrusive groove, easy to carry supporting plate and feather Shang, in addition, a cocktail wedding also need a series of necessary to dinner with wine, such as: bamboo plate MATS, food dishes, steel pick and cocktail dessert knife creative dishes will not only do their job, and make a whole wedding lively smoothly. Think of so much magic to all cocktail in these gorgeous tableware under the foil is not added more bright spot for the wedding?

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Take stock of all the popular wedding flower doors

The following is a popular format wedding flower door, hoping to give couples the inspiration to hold the wedding ceremony.

This period is you take stock of all sorts of popular wedding flower door nowadays, different wedding flower door can add different interest for your romantic wedding, wedding flower door it can be not only simple the piling up of flower oh, rise with level of wedding consumption and domestic flower market popularize, whole flower wedding flower door begins to be chosen by bridal in succession. Then one of the elementary schools asked, today for you to reveal.

Take stock of all the popular wedding flower doors

A: point flowers wedding flower door

The original wedding flower door is given priority to with iron art bracket mostly, cent 3 o 'clock or 5 o 'clock type is centered adornment flower, the other exposed tie yi USES gauze curtain to coil adornment. The biggest advantage of this kind of wedding flower door naturally is flower adornment quantity is little, price is cheap.

In succession, new couples have higher requirements for their own wedding, switching to green plants instead of winding veil, flowers are concentrated at 3 or 5 points. This form is also retained now.

Two: whole flower wedding flower door

With the rising level of wedding consumption and the popularity of the domestic flower market, all flowers wedding flower door began to be selected by new couples. Compare to point type wedding flower door, whole flower wedding flower door has quite advantage on imposing manner, beautiful degree, natural cost is not cheap also. Flower material collocation also has a variety of forms, this kind of onefold flower material quantitatively spreads, grand atmosphere, suit to use the flower of this kind of medium size, flower shape is full.

Iii. Square flower door

If you get tired of looking at the doodles, or the domed wedding flower door with flowers, the square wedding flower door may bring you a new idea. The square wedding flower door is more magnificent, which is more suitable for large size, and the amount of flower is more than the dome.

Four: combination wedding flower door

For a ceremonious and extraordinary wedding, rely on the existence sense of space, the flower door of combinative type wedding can enhance the thick sense of wedding very much, more powerful and effective ground of rendering wedding atmosphere. Side by side the volume of 3 connect the door is strong impact force, can let a guest be attracted by imposing manner as soon as enter, and perpendicular overlay is much more have interior space to feel, the time that newlywed enters the wedding to spend the door is longer, the time that savor happiness also is longer.

5. Individual road leads

In the era of pursuing individuality and DIY, more and more fashionable couples are pursuing unconventional wedding flower door, so various arched roads have come into being. Branch plants such as tree branches, dragon willows and other branches can be simply shaped into wedding flowers, and also more unrestrained, loved by the couple.

Aisle curtains

Aisle type is also a variation of the door of happiness, which can also be used at the same time as the wedding flower door and the veil curtain aisle, depending on the couple's financial resources. The advantage of corridor type depends on form diversity, material also has more choice, gauze curtain corridor can match with flower, beautiful and amazing.

The perfect wedding encyclopedia gives you an inventory of the various wedding flower doors. Is there anything you'd like? An unforgettable wedding, the decoration of flowers, since more is better, as the wedding guests first impression of the flower arch style, you must consider it!

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​Wedding photo pose selection for the bride from top to bottom

Below small make up for everybody to introduce to shoot the bride to shoot the pose strategy. Let the bride-to-be's you, every bit of it, shine.

1. Portrait range

When the whole body of the bride is not included in the picture frame, it is recommended to avoid cutting the picture from the joint, or it will look like the bride has been amputated. Try to take the picture from the joint.

Wedding pose 2. Facial Angle

In the front image, the bride's nose points to the camera. A bride has the widest face from this point of view, so a round-faced bride does not usually fit this Angle. On three quarters of the profile, the bride faces to one side, with the far side of the ear not visible from the camera. This Angle applies to most brides. In profile, the bride's face and 90 to the camera. During the shooting, adjust the Angle of the bride's head appropriately to ensure that the far side of the bride's eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes show a looming effect.

Posture 3. Shoulders

The bride's shoulders are usually at an Angle to the camera. Facing the camera lens will make the shoulders appear wider than normal, and the photo will be less moving. Of course, if the bride's slim figure can make her shoulders facing the camera, it can create a sense of confidence.

Wedding pose 4. Head

Tilting your head slightly sideways will make the pose look more dynamic. When shooting a bride, the head is usually tilted to the side of the shoulder closer to the camera or higher. Of course, many works do not follow this rule. It's best to let the bride choose her preferred Angle. The height of the chin the height of the chin should be moderate, the eye performance is the most important part. Generally speaking, the eye looks best when the eyelids meet the rim of the eyeball.

Wedding pose 5. Chest

Angle your body and lens to emphasize the silhouette of your chest, and use light to enhance the shadow of your cleavage. A frontal shot will make the chest appear peaceful and unappealing. Good posture, which can be achieved by lifting the chest and hanging the shoulder, is especially important for shaping a lovable model.

Wedding pose 6. Waist and abdomen

Let arm and body have certain distance, can let waist appear thin. In a sitting position, keep your back straight (so that your back is arched inward) to make your belly appear flat. Try to stand rather than sit.

Wedding pose 7. Leg position

Although the bride wears a down dress, the leg pose is still important because it determines the posture of the whole body. Allow the bride to focus her body on her off-camera leg and lean back slightly to look more attractive. Never place your weight evenly on both legs. Slightly bend the bride's legs close to the camera to create a beautiful line at the bottom of the dress.

Wedding photo posture 8. Feet

Brides are usually confident about their shoes, but pointing their toes at the camera can distort their feet. Keep your feet at an Angle to the lens -- it would be nice if they pointed at different angles. The golden rule is to turn at least one foot to the heel.

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Travel shoot wedding photos attention to stop the journey of love

Nowadays, many new couples have changed the traditional wedding photography mode, combining travel and wedding photography together, using photos to settle their love and the road of travel, this is the perfect thing. Of course, there are many points to note in the travel shoot wedding photos.

1. How to choose a photography organization

Many travel agencies have set up the business of taking wedding photos, new couples can first select a more experienced travel agency. As for choosing a wedding photography agency, there are two ways to do this: take the photographer locally or choose a local photography agency. The latter method is recommended by we114 marriage web editor. Because the local photography organization will be familiar with the local scenery, the Angle will be more skilled.

2. How to choose a place to travel

Couples with longer wedding leaves can choose to travel farther, such as abroad. If the wedding leave is very short, for the sake of time, the couple had better choose the nearest travel place. Of course, if you decide to travel to get married in the first place, it's best to make sure you have the right season and place for the trip as soon as possible. Generally speaking, late spring and early autumn are the best seasons for travel. Because the temperature is just right and the scenery outside is good. If you want to shoot wedding photos easily, you should choose a place that is mainly for leisure, preferably a place with a lot of natural scenery.

3. How to save cost

For new couples, it is better to spend the least money to see the most expensive scenery, and the lower the cost, the better under the premise of their own comfort. The cost of choosing a photographic agency from a place of travel would be much lower, and that was the first saving. Second, couples can travel semi-independently because it is inconvenient and expensive to travel entirely with a group. It's true that self-service travel is the cheapest, but that's only for the most experienced new traveler.

Matters needing attention in wedding photography. 4. How to operate

Getting married is a lifelong matter, and couples should be fully prepared. Can consult to travel agency above all, take a look to see which track ground suits to photograph marriage gauze more, and cost is not very high. Second, look for information. If you are traveling independently, plan your route and decide which hotel you will stay in. Then find a good local wedding photography institute, the best use the phone contact or online booking, so that the destination will not be rushed.

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Teach you how to travel shoot wedding photos

How to take a wedding photo? Each new couple hopes that their wedding photography is the most beautiful, but after all, travel wedding photography is a new thing, we are still relatively new to this way of photography, do not know what is the difference with the ordinary location wedding photography, then the following will tell you how to take the wedding photography.

How to shoot the wedding photos? How to arrange the time reasonably and choose the best shooting time

The best shooting season and the best shooting time of the day are different for different spots. In general, photographers recommend shooting before 10 a.m. and 4 or 5 p.m., with better lighting. When taking wedding photos, you should not be addicted to traveling because the scenery is too beautiful, because the mission is to take photos instead of traveling.

How to shoot wedding photos? 2

It is especially important for a wedding photographer to be familiar with the shooting place. The photographer who is proficient in the process can easily capture the best mode of combining scenic spots with people and also choose the best time for photography. On the contrary, if you choose a photographer who is completely ignorant of the place of shooting, it will take a long time to get used to it, and the result may not be the best. If you choose to drive yourself, it is best that the groom and the photographer, two of the makeup artists will drive, can be replaced in turn to ease the journey of tiredness.

How to shoot wedding photos in travel

If you want to make a special effect, you might as well choose a colorful place for the background, and pursue the combination of people and scenic spots. Those who like mountains can have mountains as the background, those who like water can have water as the background, and those who like nostalgia can have trains and old houses as the background.

In general wedding photography, the main characters. Background doesn't play a big role, but there are exceptions. V2, which first appeared in sichuan and later spread across the country, has been well received by young men and women from the mainland and Hong Kong. The biggest characteristic of its wedding dress photography is that it likes to shoot outdoor scenes. The characters do not necessarily occupy the main part of the picture, but the scenery is beautiful and natural. In some photos, the landscape even accounts for 8 out of 10. Post-processing with fashion blockbuster atmosphere, the whole natural, romantic, atmospheric.

How to shoot wedding photos for travel

Taking wedding photos is a laborious but romantic thing. When choosing a location, many people may only consider the beauty of the scenery, but do not consider whether it is safe to enter the site for shooting. If you choose a place that takes a long time to walk or ride, is sparsely populated and difficult to travel, it is not convenient for the transportation of photographic equipment and the entry of new people.

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How do you choose a veil for a wedding

When choosing the veil, the bride can choose the veil that best suits the face shape of the bride to show the most unique temperament and beauty. Therefore, there are many factors that need to be considered as to how to choose the veil according to the face shape.

Choose a veil and a round face according to the face shape of the bride

If you have a full moon face, you should choose a veil over your face to make it look smaller.

Choose veil 2, heart-shaped or triangular face according to the bride's face shape

You may want to make your jaw a little wider, preferably with a veil at the back.

Choose veil 3 and oval according to the bride's face shape

If you happen to be this type of face, it means your face is symmetrical, so you can choose any type of veil.

Choose a veil 4, square or rectangular face according to the bride's face

If you have a square face, you'd better choose a long veil, which will soften the outline of your face.

Choose veil 5 or long face according to the bride's face shape

If you have a long face, don't choose a narrow veil, which will only make your face look longer. Choose a slightly wider veil.

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The subtle relationship between skin quality and wedding dress

Hua tian xi shop has more than 1000 wedding dress, combine the design concept of fashion forward, provide the most professional wedding dress customization and wedding dress rental for all savors. Mid - to high-end wedding dress, bride/bridesmaid evening dress design and custom-made. Hua tian xi spreads wedding dress brand to become grade and quality assurance.

The bride's skin tone varies, and dress for different options:

1. Bai xi model: can choose the dress that pink tender color fastens, should avoid big red, black velvet to wait too massiness color, just won't produce incongruous feeling.

2. Dark and healthy: can choose bright color to fasten, in order to match healthy image and foil color of skin. Avoid pink dresses, which can be covered by a darker complexion.

3. Slant yellow color of skin: general speaking, slant yellow color can make a person feel color is poorer, might as well choose the dress that fastens among color. Unless the bride has a pretty face, avoid heavy dresses.

As the season of the bride's dress is less obvious, the design steps affected by the season. Long-sleeved dresses are also more limited in design, so off-shoulder or short-sleeved dresses are usually accompanied by a white cape.

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The new wedding dress upends your traditional aesthetic

Marriage, wedding, wedding dress, fashion brides all care about, in 2009 will be a total subversion. While it's not clear which day you're most looking forward to as your big day, or exactly what unique style your big dream wedding will be, in 2009, your wedding dress, your wedding, your makeup, and even your love and marriage will all be subversive new choices.

Unique condole belt type wedding dress, white gauze is beautiful like the cloud is same, one after another, a piece of finger can reach make you become happy bride.

The latest popular element such as satin material, bud silk, compose bead is combined afresh, model the dignified nobility that gives a bride, elegance holds fashionable feeling concurrently.

Thin and transparent gauze piles up on the body layer by layer, sweet, elegant and light spirit, let you change into the world spirit in the moment that puts on it.

Layer upon layer of gauze petticoat skirt became the world of flower, princess's lovely however dot dot is interspersed among this flower, beautiful, fancy, have............ White gauze skirt, purple belt princess temperament you are the most beautiful beautiful qiao bride.

Sexy strapless wedding dress design bid farewell to popular stage, what replace it is fine condole belt money marriage gauze dress, make you sexy not the slightest decrease, and feminine flavour is more inviting, concise and noble, finished sexy mission by fine strapless.

Put on the wedding dress of such a handwork capture plait, bowknot chatelaine, make the you that walks in wedding peak instantly become today season's fashionista.

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How should a church wedding bride choose her wedding dress

The wedding is sacred in the church, so the wedding dress must be very formal. Never wear a low-cut or short dress.

After choosing a church wedding, when choosing a wedding dress, it is best to choose the collar design of a Chinese wedding dress with a high collar design, or the regular breast design.

On the skirt, it is best to choose the wedding dress with long trailing tails. If you are not used to such a wedding dress, it is also a good choice to have a small trailing wedding dress. Because the architectural style of the church is tall and bright, when you step on the red carpet from the door of the church, the long tail will make you look more luxurious and dignified.

Because want to appear formal, so the head gauze choice had better also choose those long money mop the style of the ground, such a head gauze can make the integral modelling of the bride looks more elegant and holy, have a kind of feeling up, symbolize yearning heaven. Especially the tall and tall bride, such a wedding dress can especially foil the bride's temperament, so that the bride start road to appear more dignified and elegant.

In bridal design, had better choose dignified and elegant A word skirt is put, if be the bridal gown that has big skirt to support can appear more formal. Such a wedding dress is very common in the chaos of European and American styles. Such a wedding dress is very formal and can make the bride look more dignified and elegant, and it is also convenient to drag and follow the stride.

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Creative wedding location Beijing wedding for you to create

Creative wedding location Beijing wedding for you to create

Takeaway: Well placed to know want a perfect wedding, not our words so simple. In many hour we need to move our brains to hold well design and re-examination, can bring us different feelings as infection. Let Beijing wedding here for everyone to share itself to stage the wedding place tips. Creative wedding put wedding for you to know that you want to live Beijing well placed a perfect wedding, not our words so simple. In many hour we need to move our brains to hold well design and re-examination, Can bring us different feelings as infection. Let Beijing wedding here for everyone to share itself to stage the wedding place tips. If some is to save the wedding shangdi spending, we can have our wedding garden held some vegetation on textile decoration, madly down to words will brake when put each one into another realm, we can also get some expression to the content and the feedback we need. We can imagine at the wedding, everywhere is a piece of vegetation, before is the land of it is also the need of vegetation to clean, we will in some white yarn will polish it held in the vegetation, Necessary is another way to think. But if we put our wedding decoration, in the evening candlelight dinner must be a good choice, so much in a way, in our wedding banquet can invite every one of them into our world, all the way to share the happiness and sweetness. We have belongs to you is also should have some own thoughts on plant, combined with fireworks and lights to echo, will bring you a memorable wedding memories. If you feel is not apply to things, we can also at the wedding or the dinner table placed some snacks and fruits, For everyone to taste and eat. Trust Beijing wedding as a pledge will certainly make your wedding banquet colorful

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